Detecting slot machine gurus’ scams

I’m cynical when it comes to people give slot machine advice or offering slot tips. Most of the time they have an ulterior motive, and that usually involves lining their pockets. I’m ESPECIALLY suspicious of people who want to sell you information about how to win at slot machines. I’ve written this article to give you some guidelines to think about when deciding whether or not the information for sale is BS or not.

1. BS artists focus on how much money you can win. Legitimate slot machine experts explain that slot machines can be harmless fun and enjoyable entertainment, but like most other casino games, the house will always win. Real authorities on the subject of slot machine focus on how the machines work and who has the best slot clubs or payout percentages. BS artists talk about managing your money in such a way that you overcome a negative house advantage.


2. BS artists talk about how much money they win. One of the most popular slot machine BS artists is John Patrick. His book on slot machines contains NO useful information, but he spends an enormous amount of time bragging about how he is a professional gambler and a big winner. You cannot win money consistently playing the slots, and if that’s your goal, you need to rethink playing slots altogether. Continue reading “Detecting slot machine gurus’ scams”