Breaking the Myth of Roulette Strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular games around the world, most probably because it really is down to luck whether you win or lose. Unlike many games you cannot sway the odds very much here, with the roulette wheel spin sealing your fate whether it’s to take your bet or pay you winnings. And whether experts champion it or not, there really is no sure strategy to ensure that you win when playing this popular game.

Roulette Systems 

There a huge variety of views in the industry regarding roulette strategy, with some professionals adamant that you can use strategy to your advantage, whilst others regard this belief as nonsense. Unlike in games such as blackjack or poker, you have no control on the game play other than placing your wager. As such, strategy is all but useless here, and you must avoid falling into the Gamblers Fallacy of believing that you can break the laws of probability.

The Gamblers Fallacy

The Gamblers Fallacy is the name given to the belief by some that the rules of probability can be bent. When playing roulette for example, they could believe that the ball landing on red six times in a row is unlikely, with the probability of a black increasing the more times that a six wins. However, this is completely untrue as each spin doesn’t affect the game before or after, meaning that the probability of a red or black each time remains at 50/50.

Buying Books for Roulette Strategy

It is widely regarded that with gambling, practice makes perfect. This can often involve buying literature on the subject which is an excellent idea, especially if you intend on playing high strategy games such as poker. Books on the subject can not only outline the rules of a game but provide important insight and tips into how to build your personal strategy to any one game. However, in regards to roulette it is unwise to spend a lot of money on books. There are an enormous range of eBooks and real publications available for purchase, promising the chance to find strategies which will really help you win. You should use a certain amount of caution in these cases, and you’ll often find that your money is far better spent being put into your roulette bankroll than for paying for books which won’t help you at all with your online roulette career.

Detecting slot machine gurus’ scams

I’m cynical when it comes to people give slot machine advice or offering slot tips. Most of the time they have an ulterior motive, and that usually involves lining their pockets. I’m ESPECIALLY suspicious of people who want to sell you information about how to win at slot machines. I’ve written this article to give you some guidelines to think about when deciding whether or not the information for sale is BS or not.

1. BS artists focus on how much money you can win. Legitimate slot machine experts explain that slot machines can be harmless fun and enjoyable entertainment, but like most other casino games, the house will always win. Real authorities on the subject of slot machine focus on how the machines work and who has the best slot clubs or payout percentages. BS artists talk about managing your money in such a way that you overcome a negative house advantage.


2. BS artists talk about how much money they win. One of the most popular slot machine BS artists is John Patrick. His book on slot machines contains NO useful information, but he spends an enormous amount of time bragging about how he is a professional gambler and a big winner. You cannot win money consistently playing the slots, and if that’s your goal, you need to rethink playing slots altogether. Continue reading “Detecting slot machine gurus’ scams”

New Year sees New Slots

With 2015 now ushered away, 2016 has arrived and there are plenty of new games for you to play if you love nothing more than spending a few hours playing slots online. Last year really saw a breakthrough within the slot industry, offering more innovative games, animations and online experiences than ever before. With online slots remaining a very entertaining way of gambling, 2016 looks set to provide a large range of new gambling opportunities. And, though we may only be in January, many casinos are already making moves to offer new titles and attract more custom.

Jack and the Beanstalk


One of the popular online casinos has revealed that they are now offering the new slot Jack and the Beanstalk. Taking after the popular childhood story, the title has been developed by software developer Net Entertainment, and offers you the opportunity to indulge once again in the charming folk tale that so many children are read. First introduced in 2008, Mr Green online casino began in Sweden, but now offers services for gamers across the world with a variety of over 200 slots and table games. Along with video poker, blackjack, bingo and roulette, the online casino has a huge range of online slots to enjoy, one of which is the new Jack and the Beanstalk title.

3D Effects

Jack and the Beanstalk centers around one boy who travels and adventures far and wide to try and make his fortune. In a bid to offer you something really groundbreaking, Net Entertainment has brought 3D graphics to this online tale, providing an immersion like no other. Along with sophisticated animations and sounds, Jack and the Beanstalk offers the video game provides wild cards, free spins and a golden goose to maximize your possible winnings. Continue reading “New Year sees New Slots”

Microgaming and Virgin Casino offer New Releases

Gambling software giant, Microgaming, has revealed that it has formed a new partnership to develop a branded slot, as well as making an agreement with an Italian casino to offer their services in Italy. Meanwhile, players at Virgin Casino are gearing up to enjoy a host of new slots and games which have been released for individuals to enjoy.

Microgaming Begins Partnership with Italian Regulated Market

Microgaming, one of the world’s largest software providers of gambling software, has revealed that it has signed a new agreement with Italian officials to become part of the regulated market. Currently, Microgaming runs operations in Italy by means of its Prima Networks Limited group. Prima Networks Limited has now said that they have been signed up to offer games through Betflag SPA; one of the regulated Italian gambling operators.


Betflag to Use QuickFire Platform

Owned by Tarricone Holding Group, Betflag is a relatively new sports betting portal which has been made available to the Italian market. Currently the website offers the chance to make competitive bets on sporting events but, by means of Microgaming’s QuickFire software platform, the venue is to offer a full range of complimentary games alongside their main sports betting products. Prima Networks Limited director, Loraine Schoevers, said that the deal would now allow thousands of Italian residents the chance to access and play some of Microgaming’s most famous and popular titles through Betflag. Elsewhere, Betflag’s Giuseppe Tarricone explained that the group had chosen Microgaming’s QuickFire platform for its award winning technology and ease of use. With the software allowing fast rollout of games, Tarricone added that players would be able to enjoy some of the most advanced and enjoyable software on the market. Continue reading “Microgaming and Virgin Casino offer New Releases”

Microgaming unveils Two New Slots

One of the world leaders in online gaming software, Microgaming, has revealed two new slot titles for players to enjoy over the coming months. As a way to progress two major gaming series, the software provider has launched Nuclear 9s and Old King Cole, adding new games to the Power Spins and Rhyming Reels series respectively. Going live at Microgaming’s venues from March, the two new games will offer great new and exciting gameplay for fans of the games, before the series are once again extended later this year.

Nuclear 9s Hot on Atomic 8s Tail

It seems only days ago that Microgaming released Atomic 8s as part of their Power Spins series. Whilst Atomic 8s was released earlier this month, its preceding title, Sonic 7s, was released in 2011, showing that Microgaming is keen to progress this series as quickly as possible. Like the rest of series, Nuclear 9s follows a similar gaming pattern, including 9 paylines and three rows of icons on its reels. There is a maximum bet of 90 coins per spin, and with no progressive jackpot, the fixed payout maximum is 50,000 coins.

Nuclear 9s Gameplay


Nuclear 9s does not deviate hugely from other titles in the series, and most of the symbols are made up of the traditional bars, cherries and bell. However, the overall tone of the game is set with a deep green color, indicating the radioactive nature of the title. Whilst the Atomic logo was used in the previous title as the wild card, the Nuclear logo takes the wild card place in Microgaming’s latest release in keeping with the games theme. The wild symbol’s only real use is to help create winning combinations across the wheel, and when combined with the scatter atom symbol, whose electrons spin around a central nucleus, a number of rising payouts cab be achieved. Continue reading “Microgaming unveils Two New Slots”