Mobile Casino

Mobile casino games are extremely popular nowadays. This is reason enough to think that in just a couple of years there will be more players gambling on their mobile devices rather on desktop computers. We have checked and tested a number of online mobile casino to find out which of them are the best to play on mobile devices.

Below you will find a detailed description of how a mobile casino works. This information incorporates the criteria we used to make our ranking.

What is mobile casino?

Mobile casinos are online casino websites or applications developed precisely for mobile devices. Unlike standard casinos online, mobile casinos can be conveniently used on touch screen phones with small displays.


The first online mobile casinos were launched around 2010-11, when smartphones and tablets conquered the market overnight. Playing on your mobile device is far more convenient and exciting than playing on your desktop computer.

How to play at mobile online casinos?

Mobile casinos and mobile casino games operate just as classical online casino games. The only difference is that when playing on mobile device, you can control the play process by touching different display areas.

To play at mobile casino online, you need to download a casino application or access the mobile version of your selected online casino. All you need to do is to access your casino account and launch the game just as you do on your desktop computer.

Browser mobile casinos and mobile casino applications

Currently, there are two mobile casino types in the market. The first type includes online casinos with their own mobile websites. Although mobile device-oriented, such websites operate just as standard websites you’re used to.

Mobile casino games are optimized to use on mobile devices and fit touch screen interface. In other words, instead of playing at a standard online casino, you will be playing on a mobile casino website that works perfectly for your mobile device.

Mobile casino applications fall into the second category. You need to download a mobile casino application from the app store and install it to your mobile device. Mobile casino applications operate just like any other game application on your mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile casino for iPhone

Due to wide popularity of iOS-based devices, casinos for iPhone and iOS are top popular mobile casino online types. Many online casinos will rather start developing iOS and iPhone applications for their mobile casinos than provide mobile websites.

Mobile casino for Android

Despite tough competition, Android is not losing foothold in the smartphone and tablet market. An increasing number of online casinos have their own Android-based applications and mobile casinos. Such applications deliver fulfilling and smooth mobile gambling experience for Android users.

Mobile casino for Windows Phone

As Window’s share in casino software market is pretty small, there are few mobile casinos integrated with Windows Phone. Still, plenty of new casinos are launching their own mobile online casinos for Windows Phone to fill in the niche.

Mobile online casino for tablets

Mobile applications and websites run on tablets as well. An increasing number of casino operators are developing tablet applications, such as mobile casino applications for iPad and mobile casino applications for Android-based tablets. Unlike mobile casinos for smartphones, they feature a higher definition interface and top-notch graphics.

Mobile casino bonus

To promote their mobile casinos, online websites encourage players with generous mobile casino bonus. Mobile casino bonus is a special mobile casino offer that you won’t find at classical online casinos.

Such a mobile casino bonus is given in addition to classical casino bonuses. This means that players can have extra bonuses which are unavailable at standard online casinos for desktop computers. If you have a mobile device and you are considering registering with an online mobile casino, it is definitely worth doing. Use your mobile devices to get a juicy mobile casino bonus!