Pay By Phone: The Easiest Way To Pay?

If you’re at a loose end with nothing to do, you may decide to call on a friend, or even get your mobile out and take a few spins on your favourite slot game. If you’re planning on the latter then it’ll please you to know that just about all the major gaming sites offer full mobile compatibility. In fact, over 70% of casino customers are now using mobile devices for their gaming.

One of the major hassles when playing at mobile gaming sites is making payments with your bank card. When you’re away from home this can be a fiddly process which involves juggling your phone and your card – perhaps you’ve been in this situation?

This is where pay by phone technology really comes into its own, a method which doesn’t require you to have any bank details to hand – say good bye to credit cards and pesky long card numbers! If you would like to find out how to play by paying with your phone then read on!

How it Works

Paying by phone is straightforward to set up; all you’ll need to do is open your favourite casino and keep your mobile phone to hand (which is particularly easy if you’re on your phone anyway!). On the casino site, open the deposit cashier of the casino and enter an amount that you’d like to deposit, submit this as well as your phone number.

Shortly after you do this, you’ll receive a text from the casino with a confirmation code. The money will safely get to your account after you’ve entered the confirmation code into the casino. If you have a contract, the payment will be added to your phone bill, unless you’re pay as you go (in which case read on as the way you’re debited varies slightly).

How to Pay the Bill

The way pay by phone works depends on whether you’re a pay as you go or contract customer with your phone company. If you have a contract, the payment will be added to your phone bill. When you make your deposit if you have a contract, you don’t have to pay the money for the deposit right away, but obviously, your spendings will catch up with you when your bill arrives – so as always, keep track of your spending! If you use a top-up service for your mobile, the total of the deposit will be removed from your current phone balance.

The Benefits of Paying by Phone

Pay by phone is arguably the easiest way to pay for your gaming and it comes with many advantages. For example, you won’t have to enter your bank card details. This is beneficial as it will not only save time but it will also prevent the risk of your details being misused. Another benefit of paying by phone is that its very easy to track your spending which can promote better overall control of your finances.

The drawbacks of Paying by Phone

Withdrawals. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a position where you have winnings to withdraw, currently this isn’t possible with the pay by mobile method. This isn’t to say that the casino gets to keep your money (obviously), it just means that you’ll still need to link another withdrawal method (probably a bank account) to your casino account in order to process you withdrawal.