Detecting slot machine gurus’ scams

I’m cynical when it comes to people give slot machine advice or offering slot tips. Most of the time they have an ulterior motive, and that usually involves lining their pockets. I’m ESPECIALLY suspicious of people who want to sell you information about how to win at slot machines. I’ve written this article to give you some guidelines to think about when deciding whether or not the information for sale is BS or not.

1. BS artists focus on how much money you can win. Legitimate slot machine experts explain that slot machines can be harmless fun and enjoyable entertainment, but like most other casino games, the house will always win. Real authorities on the subject of slot machine focus on how the machines work and who has the best slot clubs or payout percentages. BS artists talk about managing your money in such a way that you overcome a negative house advantage.


2. BS artists talk about how much money they win. One of the most popular slot machine BS artists is John Patrick. His book on slot machines contains NO useful information, but he spends an enormous amount of time bragging about how he is a professional gambler and a big winner. You cannot win money consistently playing the slots, and if that’s your goal, you need to rethink playing slots altogether.

3. Slot machine BS’ers’ systems always work. They never go into detail about expectation or return percentages. They always talk about how their slot systems are foolproof and guarantee a win. Stay far away from any slot “expert” who guarantees that his system is infallible or always works. It’s mathematically impossible.

4. Legitimate slot experts understand that machines don’t run hot or cold. Except in retrospect. Hindsight is always 20/20, and the human mind is programmed to find patterns in events. But just because you’ve located a “pattern” in past events on a slot machine (or a roulette wheel, or any other game consisting of independent trials), it doesn’t mean that this pattern will continue.

5. Slot machine systems sold as ebooks at high prices. Run, don’t walk, from any ebook about slot machines or gambling that costs more than $30. Even at $30, a gambling book is overprice, but you can get good solid quality information in a real paperback book from publishers like Two plus Two. If anyone really had a “secret” to “slot machine mastery”, and if there were any truth to those “amazing gambling systems” you see advertised, you’d be making a good bet thinking that they’d keep that information to themselves. Making that information public (if it worked) would be the surest way to inspire the casinos to put countermeasures into place.

6. Use of the following words and phrases usually indicates you’re dealing with a scam artist:

  • “End your money problems forever”
  • “Make $5000/week with slots starting now”
  • “Insider’s guide reveals all”
  • “Cheat the slot machines”
  • “Beat the slot machines”
  • “Slot machine secrets”
  • “Zig zag method”
  • “Money management techniques”
  • “Become a winner every time”
  • “Pro-gambler wants revenge”

Gambling forums are full of stories from people who have bought money-back guaranteed gambling ebooks and never received a refund. In some cases, they not only don’t receive the refund they were promised, they actually got chastised by the owner of the site selling them the ebook!

Don’t fall for slot machine BS. There is no magic pill that will make you a winner, and there is no secret system that some insider or pro gambler is going to share with you that will make a negative expectation game a sure thing. Play slots, have fun, but don’t do it foolishly. Understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and don’t waste money that could be spend playing on a book that’s going to tell you how to play.