Microgaming and Virgin Casino offer New Releases

Gambling software giant, Microgaming, has revealed that it has formed a new partnership to develop a branded slot, as well as making an agreement with an Italian casino to offer their services in Italy. Meanwhile, players at Virgin Casino are gearing up to enjoy a host of new slots and games which have been released for individuals to enjoy.

Microgaming Begins Partnership with Italian Regulated Market

Microgaming, one of the world’s largest software providers of gambling software, has revealed that it has signed a new agreement with Italian officials to become part of the regulated market. Currently, Microgaming runs operations in Italy by means of its Prima Networks Limited group. Prima Networks Limited has now said that they have been signed up to offer games through Betflag SPA; one of the regulated Italian gambling operators.


Betflag to Use QuickFire Platform

Owned by Tarricone Holding Group, Betflag is a relatively new sports betting portal which has been made available to the Italian market. Currently the website offers the chance to make competitive bets on sporting events but, by means of Microgaming’s QuickFire software platform, the venue is to offer a full range of complimentary games alongside their main sports betting products. Prima Networks Limited director, Loraine Schoevers, said that the deal would now allow thousands of Italian residents the chance to access and play some of Microgaming’s most famous and popular titles through Betflag. Elsewhere, Betflag’s Giuseppe Tarricone explained that the group had chosen Microgaming’s QuickFire platform for its award winning technology and ease of use. With the software allowing fast rollout of games, Tarricone added that players would be able to enjoy some of the most advanced and enjoyable software on the market.

Microgaming’s New Branded Titles

In addition to Microgaming revealing that they were to provide games through one of Italy’s leading and regulated online casinos, it was also announced that they had made a new agreement with Pedigree Group Limited to offer branded slots. Pedigree is the owner of the famous Shoot football magazine, and the allegiance with Microgaming means that the software provider can now develop an online slot title based around the magazine and brand. Utilizing Shoot’s iconic graphics, Microgaming said that the agreement would allow them to bring an iconic magazine, which have contributors such as Alan Ball, Frank Lampard and John Terry, into the exciting world of online gambling. With a full summer of soccer in 2012, chief executive officer of Microgaming, Roger Raatgever, said that this year would be the ideal time to launch a football branded slot title.

Virgin Casino Offer Host of New Games

Regular players at Virgin Casino will have no doubt become used to the online casino offering new games and entertainment almost every week. However, last week they opened up a host of new offering for players to utilize, including lotto, slots and card games.

Lotto Madness Comes to Slots

Described as a thrilling mix and match of bingo balls meets slots reels, Lotto Madness is a great new game to play for those who love slot titles and the odd lotto competition. Instead of using the traditional high value card icons, Lotto Madness is a 20 payline video slot which uses brightly colored bingo balls as its symbols in addition to other bingo associated images such as a winner and prize money. One of Lotto Madness’ highlighted features is its Crazy Wheel bonus round which is triggered when players manage to get the first and last reel both showing the bonus symbol. At this stage, the Crazy Wheel appears on the screen and there is the opportunity to get prize multipliers and free spins to maximize winnings. If bonus images appear again on the first and last reel during the bonus round players will be awarded a random number of free spins. This will give them even more chances to win on this title which has a 97per cent return to players and a maximum line payout of 10,000 coins.

Cogmania Offers Alternatively Arranged Slot

For players who like something a little different, another one of Virgin Casino’s new slots is Cogmania, a title which includes 12 paylines and four reels. Rather than payouts be awarded for winning combinations left to right, money is won when at least three icons appear together anywhere on the 12 paylines. After the payout is made, the winning combinations are removed from the screen and the remaining symbols move into the centre of the screen to offer the chance of new winning combinations. For each round a multiplier of one is added in addition to a portion of the bonus bar filling up. Once this bar is completed, players are awarded a bonus round to get extra payouts.

New Instant Win at Virgin Casino

In addition to offering the new slots, Virgin Casino is also providing players with the chance to indulge in a new instant win game, Hi Lo Silver. Starting off, players choose a base stake before nine cards are dealt in a stack of three by three with one of the cards placed face up whilst all the others are dealt face down. Players are then given a choice of selecting what the following card will be; whether it’ll be a heart, club, diamond or spade, red or black, or higher or lower than the starting card. Players can place a single wager on one choice, or make a combination of choices in a bid to get a higher payout. After players have chosen their wagers they can pick any of the face down cards at which time, if correct, can cash out or roll the wager onto the next card. Another interested feature for gameplay is that the odds change depending on the cards that remain hidden in the pack, allowing added interest for players who want to play through as many rounds as possible. With an average player return of 96per cent, Hi Lo Silver is a great new instant win from Virgin Casino, adding to the hoard of new titles available for play.