Microgaming unveils Two New Slots

One of the world leaders in online gaming software, Microgaming, has revealed two new slot titles for players to enjoy over the coming months. As a way to progress two major gaming series, the software provider has launched Nuclear 9s and Old King Cole, adding new games to the Power Spins and Rhyming Reels series respectively. Going live at Microgaming’s venues from March, the two new games will offer great new and exciting gameplay for fans of the games, before the series are once again extended later this year.

Nuclear 9s Hot on Atomic 8s Tail

It seems only days ago that Microgaming released Atomic 8s as part of their Power Spins series. Whilst Atomic 8s was released earlier this month, its preceding title, Sonic 7s, was released in 2011, showing that Microgaming is keen to progress this series as quickly as possible. Like the rest of series, Nuclear 9s follows a similar gaming pattern, including 9 paylines and three rows of icons on its reels. There is a maximum bet of 90 coins per spin, and with no progressive jackpot, the fixed payout maximum is 50,000 coins.

Nuclear 9s Gameplay


Nuclear 9s does not deviate hugely from other titles in the series, and most of the symbols are made up of the traditional bars, cherries and bell. However, the overall tone of the game is set with a deep green color, indicating the radioactive nature of the title. Whilst the Atomic logo was used in the previous title as the wild card, the Nuclear logo takes the wild card place in Microgaming’s latest release in keeping with the games theme. The wild symbol’s only real use is to help create winning combinations across the wheel, and when combined with the scatter atom symbol, whose electrons spin around a central nucleus, a number of rising payouts cab be achieved.

Nuclear 9s Power Spins

Also in a similar way to previous titles in the series, Nuclear 9s utilizes Microgaming’s Power Spins mode, enabling players to activate an option to win bigger and better rewards. Whilst it is optional to activate the Power Spins enhancement, it makes no sense to play without it and using the feature will allow players to access all nine paylines whilst simultaneously increasing their wager by three times the initial bet. In Nuclear 9s, the Power Spins feature is particularly engaging, dissolving winning combinations which are showing on the reels and adding new symbols from the cascade. If these create more winning lines, increasing payouts are noted with the multiplying rising by one each time, providing players with an indefinite rising payout after each single spin.

New Title Available from March

Microgaming has revealed that Nuclear 9s will be available at many of their online casinos from March 2012, including Jackpot City, Mummys Gold and Goldern Riviera. And, with the company set to be developing a 10s title, the series is set to continue for some time to come so that players can continue to indulge in these popular online slots.

Rhyming Reels Gets New Game

In addition to Microgaming releasing Nuclear 9s, they have also announced a new title for the Rhyming Reels series. In February 2011, Rhyming Reels Queen of Hearts was released, allowing players to enjoy the sexy Queen of Hearts whilst they tried to gain the maximum payout. One year and one month later, Old King Cole will now be added to the lineup from March 2012, using many of the nursery rhymes traditional features as symbols, albeit with a few modern tweaks.


Old King Cole Symbols

In the Old King Cole nursery rhyme, the featured character calls for a pipe, his bowl and his fiddlers three. In Microgaming’s take on this popular tale, the pipe has been changed into a hookah, the bow is filled with vibrant fruit loops and in place of his fiddlers, gamers will find three rock star looking guitarists.

Old King Cole Free Spins

One of Old King Cole’s features is the free spins rounds, which are triggered in a similar way to the Queen of Hearts but using the king’s crown instead. When this crown appears on reels 3, 4 and 5, 12 free spins are provided and players have the opportunity to get a maximum multiplier of seven if they’re lucky. During the free spins feature an additional wild symbol is also added onto the paylines, increasing a players chance to win even more large payouts. And, if that wasn’t enough, another free spins round can be triggered whilst players are already playing such a feature, offering the chance to get a very lucrative payout at the end of play.

Microgaming Returns Gamble Game

Many players were disappointed that Microgaming had removed the Gamble Game from Queen of Hearts, and they will welcome news that it has returned in Old King Cole. After each payout has been calculated, players are given the opportunity to gamble their winnings. In such a case, players must decide what the suit or color of the next card will be, with correct answers gaining double or quadruple winnings. However, if the guess is incorrect, all payouts will be lost and the player must start a new game from scratch.

Old King Cole Stats

Old King Cole’s stats are also slightly different from Queen of Hearts, and players will find that it has five reels and offers a total of 20 paylines altogether. There is a maximum bet of 100.00, meaning that players can win more than 17,000.00 in the base game, whilst the free spins features offers the chance to win more than 120,000.00.

Old King Cole for March Release

Like Microgaming’s new Power Spins title Nuclear 9s, Old King Cole is scheduled for a March debut. However, this Rhyming Reels game will go live at all Microgaming venues simultaneously, allowing players to flock to the new game and see all of its features for themselves. And, with Microgaming being one of the top software provides in the world, the new titles are set to be popular with many online gamblers.