Mobile Casino

Mobile casino games are extremely popular nowadays. This is reason enough to think that in just a couple of years there will be more players gambling on their mobile devices rather on desktop computers. We have checked and tested a number of online mobile casino to find out which of them are the best to play on mobile devices.

Below you will find a detailed description of how a mobile casino works. This information incorporates the criteria we used to make our ranking.

What is mobile casino?

Mobile casinos are online casino websites or applications developed precisely for mobile devices. Unlike standard casinos online, mobile casinos can be conveniently used on touch screen phones with small displays. Continue reading “Mobile Casino”

Understanding Payout in Slots Gambling

In the world of UK slots gambling you have to do some research and then make some educated guesses on what games pay out most. The biggest advantage to games is that they are games of luck and if you have it, you can see some great returns. On the other hand if you don’t, you may find yourself out of money quickly. Still – there are some things you can do to increase your wins.

First of all, make sure that you understand how slots work. For example, if you are working with a progressive game, you have to realize that the payouts are huge, but they are also sparse. There is a reason why when someone wins a multi-million-dollar payout from a slots game it makes the headlines. If it happened all the time, they wouldn’t print a thing about it. When you are wagering on a good progressive, you aren’t the only one.
Likely there are hundreds, even thousands, of other gamblers who are playing the games at the same time. Any one of them could hit the jackpot. Continue reading “Understanding Payout in Slots Gambling”

Pay By Phone: The Easiest Way To Pay?

If you’re at a loose end with nothing to do, you may decide to call on a friend, or even get your mobile out and take a few spins on your favourite slot game. If you’re planning on the latter then it’ll please you to know that just about all the major gaming sites offer full mobile compatibility. In fact, over 70% of casino customers are now using mobile devices for their gaming.

One of the major hassles when playing at mobile gaming sites is making payments with your bank card. When you’re away from home this can be a fiddly process which involves juggling your phone and your card – perhaps you’ve been in this situation?

This is where pay by phone technology really comes into its own, a method which doesn’t require you to have any bank details to hand – say good bye to credit cards and pesky long card numbers! If you would like to find out how to play by paying with your phone then read on! Continue reading “Pay By Phone: The Easiest Way To Pay?”

Casino Bonuses Explained

With so many different online and mobile casino sites out there today, it’s sometimes difficult for a player to decide which site to join. So how should you go about making that decision and still know you’ve chosen the right one for you?

Often the deciding factor for a player is the bonus that’s on offer. The best way to look at a casino bonus is simply as that – a bonus amount of cash to play games with. Online bonuses are the equivalent of a land casino’s comps and freebies. Don’t think about getting the bonus money out of the account – it’s often too complicated to bother. Instead, enjoy being able to play some games for free and you may just boost your overall balance if luck is on your side.

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The Big Welcome for New Players

The number of sites available to choose from makes it largely a “buyer’s market” and the deciding factor for many new players when they sign up to a site is the size of the welcome bonus. It’s the casino’s incentive for you to join them rather than the next site you find. It’s not just the first sign-up bonus that you should consider though; make sure the site has ongoing bonuses for loyal players to cash in on too. Usually, a welcome bonus will be a no deposit bonus, or a matching or percentage bonus on your first deposit.

The no deposit bonus is really an out and out gift. You get something for nothing – the chance to sample different games free of charge without the need to put any of your own money down first. And it’s not just a trial of the gameplay – any wins and jackpots you land with a no deposit bonus get credited to your account.

There’s more perks you have to consider too, as the options some providers offer can make your life easier. For instance, at mFortune, the pay by phone casino, new players get £5 as a welcome bonus. Not only can they play all the games on their mobile phone, but they also have the convenience of being able to top up their casino account and then pay through their monthly phone bill, so there’s no need to share payment card details. When comparing this casino with another that gives an equivalent bonus, such conveniences can go a long way to helping you decide. Continue reading “Casino Bonuses Explained”

The most popular Casino Games of all time

Casino games come in many shapes and sizes from a number of different developers. Some of them reach critical acclaim and find themselves within the ranks of the most popular games. If you’re a budding player looking to take on the best the industry has to offer, then check out these games.

Roulette is always counted among the top games on a casino site, as many players see it as an entry level game. Even if you’ve never played a casino game before, you probably have some idea of how to play this one! As long as you know how to place the chips and a few simple rules, you can play this game in an instant – we suggest the roulette game here as a good place to start.

Roulette Wheel Clipart

One game that players flock to for the excitement factor is poker, as this is a game like no other. The tension comes from betting, raising and finally showing your cards – which might just make you feel like you’re in Casino Royale. The fact that there are so many varieties of this game available to play just adds to the player count even more; with Texas Hold Em, 5 Card Stud and Multi Hand varieties increasingly prevalent.

No casino would be complete without a Craps table either, though this game can be a bit tricky to get to grips with. It can be played within a few minutes but it definitely takes much longer to really master. Players love this game for the social aspect and the opportunity to win big. You don’t even need to be a part of this game to win on it, as you can place bets from the side line without being the shooter.

Last up, we have Blackjack or 21 as it’s sometimes known. The object of this game is to use your cards to get closer to the number 21 than the dealer, without going over that number. They key to winning this game is experience, as you’ll soon learn which moves will have you winning more often.

In any casino, online and physical, you’re bound to find a wide variety of these games – the only thing you need to decide is which to play first!

The World of Online Slots

Slots are arguably the easiest of all casino games to play. Whether it’s online or on Las Vegas Boulevard, all you have to do is make your bet, hit a button, pull the lever or click the mouse, and the reels of fate start turning. Some may attest that playing online is even easier because of the convenience factor. While you probably won’t break much of a sweat playing slots at a casino site, there is nothing wrong with learning the inner workings of the game and knowing what to expect.


You might have noticed by now that slots come in many different forms. However, these differences mainly relate to the title and themes of the available games. The overall concept and all the major details are basically the same. This makes it easy for the player because if you know how to play one game, then you can easily sit down just as comfortably at the next. Because of these similarities, we have listed some of the features almost all slot games have in common: Continue reading “The World of Online Slots”

How to Make the Most of Your Time Playing Slots

Slot machine games seem pretty simple: insert coin, pull a lever, wait, repeat. But, like any other kind of entertainment, there are ways you can maximize the value that you get from your dollar. These slot machine tips are presented in order for you to get the most out of your experiences at the one-armed bandits. Most of them won’t help you win, and that’s a simple enough thing to understand; slots are completely random and betting strategies won’t make much of a difference. But there are some tips and tricks you might find useful.


Having a Winning Attitude at the Slot Machines

Slot machines are completely luck-based. Entirely random, no skill involved, you’ll win or lose based on what the random number generator is set to pay back. This can make the game extremely frustrating if you have the wrong attitude about it. What’s the right attitude?

The right attitude is to understand that slot games are a negative bet, and behave accordingly. Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose, and don’t get upset if you have a losing session. You’re supposed to have a losing session. If you weren’t, then the casinos wouldn’t be in business.

Understand the Slot Machine That You’re Playing

Some slot machines have different payouts based on the number of coins that you bet. A lot of people give the advice that you should always make the max coin bet. This isn’t necessarily true. Continue reading “How to Make the Most of Your Time Playing Slots”

Top 5 Bookmaker Games

Online bookmakers are getting more and more popular and the amount of games that come with them these days is in its hundreds. They not only offer users the chance to bet on popular sports and other situations, but they also provide hundreds of games to cater for those that don’t want to go to bingo halls and real casinos. You will find that hundreds of different bookmakers around the world are only popular because they offer hundreds of different games within their own casino sections. It also works both ways as many people that bet on sports also like to have a dabble in the casino section now and again to try their luck there instead. Have a look at the top 5 most played games on bookmaker’s websites below:


  1. Poker – Poker will always be one of the most played table games on online casinos because it allows users to connect to thousands of players not only in their own country, but also worldwide. Poker is played by millions worldwide and any casino will tell you it is one of the most popular games online thanks to the thousands that play it on a daily basis. Even professional poker players make their stake online because it’s much more convenient than going to a proper casino/poker room.
  2. Roulette – Obviously roulette is one of the most popular in this list thanks to its popularity in real life casinos. Many gamblers have decided that playing roulette with online casinos are much better for them because they are convenient and it means they don’t have to leave the house. Many players love roulette and all of the features it provides which is why it is one of the most played online casino games in the world.
  3. Blackjack – Another popular game in online casinos that isn’t too far behind roulette is blackjack. Many people play blackjack online and use many different strategies to try and beat the casino – some of them work and some of them don’t. Blackjack is a huge game in any casino which is why it is one of the most popular games online.
  4. Bingo – Bingo has many players ranging from young mend to older women and it’s much easier to play online than it is to go to bingo halls, especially if you are in the older generation and getting a bus is the only option other than playing from the comfort of your own home.
  5. Craps – Craps will always be one of the biggest dice games in casinos and many people around the world prefer to play it from the comfort of their own home, using online casinos. It’s easy to see why it’s very popular among online casinos because many people around the world play it. It certainly isn’t the most popular casino game in the world but it is definitely up there as one of the best dice games around.

These are just a few of the top online casino/bookmaker games online and you will find out that depending on the bookmaker depends on their users and what they like to play. Most people like to play in real life but many others prefer to play online because it’s not only convenient for them but it also means they don’t have to travel to real casinos to play the games they love. There are other popular online casino games such as slot games but playing slots online is more of another casino altogether which is why we haven’t put it in the top 5 popular games of all time.

Casino Revenue is generated by Slots

More than 60 percent of today’s casino revenue is generated by slot players alone, and casinos have gotten smart about that. No longer are slot players relegated to the farthest reaches of the house. Now they are the most sought-after guests of just about every casino on the mainland. And to prove their adoration, casinos compete ruthlessly for your slot-playing business. According to Jeffrey Compton, whose Las Vegas Guide to Slot Clubs is a must if you’re into the one-armed bandits, the overwhelming majority of casinos in Sin City and Atlantic City have slot clubs, and you will be doing yourself a favor by joining as many of them as you can. Shortly thereafter, you’ll receive invitations to participate in slot tournaments, get reduced rooms rates, special birthday cards, party invitations, and more. .

The first slot machine was the Liberty Bell, invented in the late 1890’s by a car mechanic named Charles Fey. The first slot machine had three spinning reels, with captain cooks, spades, hearts and one cracked liberty bell painted around each reel. When somebody would hit it big on this machine the jackpot would be a whopping 50 cents (ten nickels). The first Liberty Bell slot machine is still around today and can be found in Reno Nevada at the Liberty Belle Saloon. Charles Fey’s slot machines were so popular that he couldn’t build them fast enough in his little shop, many tried to buy the rights to them but he refused. The slot craze got its start back then and has blossomed into a huge worldwide craze that is becoming even more popular today.

Today slot machines are casinos’ most prominent game. Imagine yourself walking along the famous strip in Las Vegas with the lights from all of the casinos flashing and calling your name. You finally decide on which casino to try and you walk in. The very first thing that catches your eye is the enormous group of slot machines. You look around and you just can’t ignore the lights, the laughter, the sound of coins hitting the metal when somebody wins, or the sounds of the bells ringing. You are drawn to them you just can’t resist sitting down for a while. With the great variety of different types of games that slot machines have to offer there is no doubt that you will be playing for a long time.

There are many different things to look for when playing slot machines in Vegas, you should first read all of the information on the machine about the game. Do this to make sure you know the rules for that game before you sit down and play. Also you should figure out what kind of game you want to play with how many paylines. You could also choose to play a progressive jackpot game or not. If you want to leave a big winner then progressive slots are the best way for you to go. Another way you could go is to play multiplier slots, which offer coins for certain combinations of symbols. This type of slot machine are linked with other casinos to offer the total top jackpot. Above everything the best thing about playing slot machines in Las Vegas is the atmosphere. You hear and see everything which just adds to the joy and pleasure you get from playing. One other advantage of playing at a Las Vegas casino is that you are actually sitting in the casino in front of the machine so that you can pull the arm if you want to, and you can hear the money you make being dropped into the collector. You get the total feeling of being there to win big and to enjoy the casino itself. You will there with all of the other people who have come to enjoy the biggest game in the casinos today.

Understanding Video Poker rules for better Winnings

The rules in video poker can be far simpler than in many games, and it won’t take you long to grasp them. Understanding the rules can be vital for ensuring that you make correct judgments in betting and are not confused by play and payout systems. In addition, due to video poker being a slots game, understanding how slot titles work will offer you an even better grip on the game.


Video Poker Card Rankings

Card rankings in video poker are fairly easy to understand, and fall in line with many other games. There are no surprises here and a deck of cards is ranked lowest to highest by numerical value and then Jack, Queen, King. Meanwhile, the Ace can be both the highest and lowest card in the game, offering you possible winning hands of Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace or Ace, Two, Three, Four, Five. Continue reading “Understanding Video Poker rules for better Winnings”